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Thursday, December 27, 2012
Joshua Pitka
My fiance and I were first time home buyers and had already looked at dozens of places with another real estate agent and had kind of given up finding something in our price range. Then we bumped into Brian Guennette and met a man who delivered. He introduced us a few houses into our hunt to his partner Jim Easson as we continued to search for that 'perfect house' for us. It didn't take long. Brian and Jim's commitment to not just sell us any house but the 'perfect house' was a breath of fresh air. Their 'non-pushiness' and commitment to integrity and honesty created a fresh experience for us to find the perfect place - as I started even looking forward to the next 'look'.
Then it happened, we got a phone call as Brian said, "I think I found it." The place was perfect and we made the decision in about an hour. Our new house is where I write this testimonial now. 
Needless to say, I without reservations recommend them.
Joshua Pitka, Sarnia resident
Monday, December 3, 2012
Erik Dolinsek

My first time home buying experience was made much easier and enjoyable with the help of Brian Guenette and Jim Easson.  After dealing with other agents it was a pleasure having Brian and Jim on my side.  Brian has a good knowledge of homes, and what to watch out for, and his advice was always in my best interest. We spent much time together before I found the perfect home for me, and I learned a great deal of valuable information from him.  I never felt pressured from Brian or Jim to make a decision on something I was not comfortable with.  Brian and Jim work great as a team, and they are very flexible to accommodate the hours you are available.  When I found the house that was perfect for me, they went to bat for me, and did everything possible to make sure I got the house.  Can’t thank them enough as I love my new house, and without their extra effort, I may not be living where I am today!


I highly recommend working with Brian and Jim, especially for first time home buyers like myself...


Erik Dolinsek

Tuesday, October 30, 2012
Jim Easson
"When selling our home, we chose to go with Jim Easson of Exit Realty.  Jim has a good reputation, and we knew he would work toward selling our home with our best interests in mind.  We were under a bit of a time crunch as well, and Jim did not dissapoint!  Our house was sold within 2 weeks of being listed, and we were able to get everything in order well before our deadline.  Thanks Jim!"
Brett and Keely Gray

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